Forever Winter

The story so far...

3 elves and a dragonborn got together at an inn in Foreverwinter City looking to make some extra coin. Agard, Alnair, and Woody formed a band and distracted the crowd with their performance while Yogi pick pocketed the people. Looking to make some more gold, they accepted a job from Bob; deliver a wagon of supplies to Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin for Gundren Rockseeker.

Along the way, the group was ambushed by goblins hiding in the woods. After defeating the goblins and taking one captive, they learn that the goblins have captured Gundren and Bob under the orders of their leader, the bugbear Klarg. The captive explained that Klarg and the rest of the band of goblins were holed up in a nearby cave, but that this band was actually part of a larger group based in Cragmaw Castle and led by King Grol.

Saddened that they had lost their employer (and payment), our heroes pressed on to Phandalin and delivered the supplies. At the local inn they met up with Demarius and Azrael, a couple of guys from Yonder who are doing research here. The two join the group and they return to the site of the goblin ambush. Their captive leads them to the goblin cave where our heroes fight through goblins, waves of water, and hungry wolves.

They find Bob being held captive and negotiate his freedom with a goblin named Gungy. Gungy wants the heroes to kill Klarg and make him the new leader of the local goblins. In exchange, he promises that the goblins will defend the people of Phandalin instead of attacking them.


bossmanderk bossmanderk

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